Long-Distance Families

Serving Your Family

Our military servicemen serve our country relentlessly with their selflessness and courage. Because of their bravery and dedication to keeping us safe, they make a lot of sacrifices including missing important family moments. We, at Smallest Footprints 3D/4D Ultrasound Studio, want to make sure that your loved ones can be a part of the ultrasound viewing process even when they are not here at home!

Not only do we seek to connect military families, but also, we seek to forego expensive travelling fees for devoted and loving family members by allowing them to view the ultrasound wherever they may be. Family members who are in the hospital, in hospice, in the nursing home, or at will be able to see your sweet bundle of joy! After all, everyone has only one special question: “Is it a girl or a boy?” We will help you find out!

Girl or Boy?